Mimosa-In-FlowerDr Claudia Herbert was recently interviewed by Dr Maryanne Comaroto and David Raynal on their podcast, ‘A different way to love’. The discussion covers trauma, Calatonia and ways to empower ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Maryanne Comaroto, David Raynal and ‘A Different Way To Love’ Podcast

Dr Maryanne Comaroto is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a doctor of somatic depth psychology. Maryanne and her husband David Raynal host a monthly hour-long show, ‘A Different Way To Love’ on the Healthylife.net Radio network and this month they invited our own Dr Claudia Herbert on to talk about trauma.

COVID-19 Trauma Responses, The Cultural Impact And Ways To Protect Ourselves

In this hour long interview Maryanne and David explore how the challenges of the pandemic have the potential to cause trauma on a widespread scale. They introduce Dr Claudia Herbert and discuss this topic with her, covering a range of topics within the theme. The interview touches on the cultural implications of COVID-19 and natural responses to the circumstances. Dr Herbert talks about her formative experiences of trauma and her ongoing, deep specialism in the subject. The conversation includes an explanation of disregulation and an introduction to Calatonia. The benefits of maintaining and nurturing our connection with nature are highlighted during the closing section of the interview which features a series of steps we can all take to protect ourselves during these unprecedented times.

Interview Timeline

Below are some selections from the timeline of the interview if you have a particular topic you’d like find more on:

  • 15 mins – Dr Claudia Herbert talks about her experience and background
  • 24 mins – Personal experience of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 27 mins – Cultural impact and the trauma response to the shock of COVID-19
  • 33 mins – Disregulation explanation
  • 39 mins – Calatonia explanation
  • 44 mins – Calatonia book recommendation
  • 46 mins – Action steps to look after ourselves with