If you would like more information or are unsure whether we can help you, please contact us.

We are always happy to answer questions and discuss your situation fully without obligation.

Do I need to be referred by my GP or other health professional?

You do not need a referral. We are an entirely independent, private psychology practice so you can contact us directly. In most cases, after your initial contact form enquiry, our Clinical Director will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail before making an appointment. If you are referred by your GP, he or she will contact us and – with your permission – provide details of your case. We will then contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

When can I have an appointment?

Our normal working hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We do offer some appointments outside these hours on request. Consultants are usually booked between two and three weeks in advance so early booking is advised. We always do our best to accommodate urgent appointments wherever possible.

Where can I have an appointment?

We provide a remote psychology service for our clients. Our online therapy sessions provide all of the benefits of face to face sessions while allowing you to stay within the comfort of your own home. You will have sessions with a dedicated, highly trained, psychologist or psychotherapist who will work with you during scheduled video calls to overcome any particular issues you are facing in your life.

You don’t need anything other than a laptop or computer with access to the internet and a camera and microphone to be able to take advantage of our online therapy service. Most laptops usually have a built-in camera and microphone but a desktop computer might need these as additional items. Visit our online therapy page to learn more about the way online therapy sessions work.

Will I need an assessment?

All new clients are invited to attend an initial psychological assessment during which the consultant will take time to establish the details of your condition and history in greater depth and to discuss a suitable treatment plan. Assessments usually take 11/2-2 hours and are chargeable at the applicable hourly rate.

What payment methods do you accept?

Charges vary depending on the nature of the treatment and which consultant you see. All charges and payment terms are explained fully before treatment commences and every client is required to sign a standard contract agreeing terms and conditions. Payment is due on the day of your consultation unless otherwise agreed and can be by cash, cheque or BACS – we do not currently accept credit or debit card payments. Where a third party such as an insurance company has agreed to fund treatment, we will invoice them on a monthly basis.

Insurance Policies

Clients covered by private health insurance should contact their provider prior to the start of their treatment to check whether they recognise our practice or the individual therapist. Clients need to obtain an authorisation number from the insurance company and establish how many sessions and the level of funding their insurance provider will cover in that policy year. We will usually invoice the insurance company directly for our costs although some companies require the client to pay and then reimburse them for part or all of the costs.

What if I cancel my appointment?

If we can re-schedule your appointment on the same day as your pre-booked appointment then there will be no cancellation fee. Our normal cancellation period for any pre-booked appointments is five working days. Any appointments cancelled less than five days beforehand are, unfortunately, fully chargeable as it is unlikely that we would be able to re-book the time set aside specifically for you. In case of unforeseen illness, your treating psychologist or psychotherapist would be available to offer you a telephone consultation, chargeable at the applicable hourly rate.

What if I am late or need to leave early?

We do ask that you try to keep to your appointment time but if you are delayed joining your online session the therapist will try to give you the time that you have booked where the consultant’s schedule allows. If you need to leave before the end of the pre-booked time, the full appointment will be chargeable.