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"I have a passion for integrating mind, body and spirit into the work we do and applying current, up-to-date advances in the treatment of trauma in a creative and formulation-based way. I have a broad and varied experience having worked in different settings in both private organisations - I was clinical director of a residential trauma unit and ran an out-patient clinic in Harley Street - and as clinical psychologist and lecturer in the National Health Service. I have specialised primarily in trauma, abuse and their many manifestations. My main aim is to help clients to observe, understand and change patterns laid down in childhood and through acute stress. Attunement is key and accompanying clients on such a journey and seeing them transform and accept is a huge privilege." Learn more about Charlie here.

Technology and Mental Health

In our last article, on the power of breathing with awareness, we referred to my calm beat app and a yoga nidra app, which are available to help with mindful breathing. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the way that technology is beginning to play a major role in our society's [...]

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The Power of Breathing with Awareness

In our post on stabilisation and resource building at the start of therapy we touched on the empowering potential of tuning into our breathing, and the positive physiological implications which this can have to help calm the body and mind. We referred specifically to a technique which we teach our clients called Coherent breathing. By [...]

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Developmental Trauma Disorder

What is Developmental Trauma? Developmental trauma is a term which describes the origins and presentation of a significant number of our adult (and child) clients at the Oxford Development Centre. It results from trauma experienced in a child's early development. Such trauma can arise from maltreatment, family violence, or a disruption in attachment to their [...]

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