Calatonia Therapy at the Oxford Development CentreThis week we are highlighting Calatonia on our social media posts as our featured psychotherapy. This weekly feature has been a chance to introduce people to the different therapies we offer at The Oxford Development Centre.

Calatonia is a psychotherapeutic technique which facilitates the re-setting of self-regulation mechanisms in the body and takes a person from stress into well-being, often inducing a state of profound relaxation.  Calatonia helps a person attain better self-regulation and a greater sense of integration.

At The Oxford Development Centre, when we feel it would benefit a client, we typically incorporate a Calatonia session with our other therapeutic approaches. It is often used to complete a trauma-therapy session to help regulate and find inner balance before re-entering outside life.

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting a persons needs when it comes to overcoming psychological life challenges. As such, we specialise in tailoring the use of a range of psychotherapeutic practices to each of our clients, depending on their individual circumstances. Calatonia has proved to be an effective part of this holistic approach to helping our patients work through and overcome their problems.

You can learn more about the process on the website. We also have an full book chapter dealing in-depth with how Calatonia can be used to help treat trauma. The chapter is entitled, ‘Calatonia and Subtle Touch in the Healing of Trauma’ and is from the excellent book, ‘Calatonia: A Therapeutic Approach that Promotes Somatic and Psychological Regulation’.