Calatonia and Subtle Touch are two gentle psychotherapeutic techniques that facilitate the re-setting of self-regulation mechanisms in the body and take a person from stress into well-being, often inducing a state of profound relaxation. Calatonia consists of a series of delicate touches on the patient’s toes, soles, heels, calves and the head for between 1 to 3 minutes each.  Subtle Touch works with other parts of the body or with no physical contact, relying instead on the warmth of the hands, blowing, sounds or passive movement.  Clients are not required to undress.  They simply remove their socks and lie on a massage couch. Both therapies encourage a multi-sensory experience which triggers feelings of relaxation, well-being and heightened awareness.  They have been developed in line with recent scientific research into the link between skin receptors and the limbic system, an area of the brain which is believed to control various emotional patterns of behaviour and is associated with emotional, pre-verbal and non-verbal psychological history.

Calatonia And Subtle Touch Workshop

We were recently lucky enough to have an in depth Calatonia and Subtle Touch training workshop with Anita Ribeiro-Blanchard here at The Oxford Development Centre. Anita is a skilled psychotherapist with a specialty in Calatonia and Subtle Touch which she learned under Dr Petho Sándor, the pioneering founder of the practice. The weekend long event gave all [...]

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Calatonia As Our Featured Psychotherapy

This week we are highlighting Calatonia on our social media posts as our featured psychotherapy. This weekly feature has been a chance to introduce people to the different therapies we offer at The Oxford Development Centre. Calatonia is a psychotherapeutic technique which facilitates the re-setting of self-regulation mechanisms in the body and takes a person [...]

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