Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing

At The Cotswold Centre for Trauma Healing we take a holistic approach to psychology. Our extensive training and experience enable us to draw from a wide range of psychotherapeutic treatments to create bespoke solutions for each client. We work in an integrative way, using therapeutic approaches to best meet each one of our clients’ needs which is one of the distinguishing features setting us apart from many other psychology consultancies. By working in such a be-spoke manner and integrating body-focused therapies into our methodology, we enable clients to experience the most effective way to overcome their challenges. Some of the techniques we work with include, The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)EMDRCBT, Schema TherapySensorimotor Psychotherapy,Havening Techniques, Transpersonal and Depth Psychology, Methods from Energy Psychology, Calatonia, Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. An integral part of our ethos is a commitment to treating all our clients with respect and dignity, taking time to get to know each client, to explore their individual circumstances and the difficulties they may be experiencing.

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