A collection of articles highlighting psychology news stories, innovations and latest thinking. This is a diverse section of our knowledge base. There’s an article featuring the research mental health charity MIND carried out into the prevalence of mental health issues withing the emergency services. There are articles on the role that technology has to play in psychology and the place that helpful mindfulness apps might have in our lives. We investigate Yoga’s enormous potential to complement talking therapies in trauma recovery models. Milestones and significant events for The Oxford Development Centre are also featured. For example we marked the translation of, ‘Understanding Your Reactions To Trauma’ into Ukrainian to provided support to those people there who have been reflected by conflict. We also celebrated our 20th anniversary with an interview with founder Dr Claudia Herbert which talks about the growth of the psychology service and the plans which we have for the future.

Calatonia And Subtle Touch Workshop

We were recently lucky enough to have an in depth Calatonia and Subtle Touch training workshop with Anita Ribeiro-Blanchard here at The Oxford Development Centre. Anita is a skilled psychotherapist with a specialty in Calatonia and Subtle Touch which she learned under Dr Petho Sándor, the pioneering founder of the practice. The weekend long event gave all [...]

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Yoga For Stress And Trauma Recovery

The Health Benefits Of Yoga Regular yoga practice can be a powerful and transformative tool, both emotionally and physically. Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens our muscular systems, it boosts our immune systems and regulates our breathing, enhances our self esteem and focuses our minds. In fact there are so many positive benefits to yoga that it's [...]

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Mental Health In The Emergency Services

Mind Research On Blue Light Mental Health Mental health charity, Mind, recently released the results of their research on mental health within the emergency services. The research revealed that emergency services personnel are more likely to experience mental health problems but they are less likely to take time off work as a result compared to the general [...]

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Technology and Mental Health

In our last article, on the power of breathing with awareness, we referred to my calm beat app and a yoga nidra app, which are available to help with mindful breathing. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the way that technology is beginning to play a major role in our society's [...]

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Developmental Trauma Disorder

What is Developmental Trauma? Developmental trauma is a term which describes the origins and presentation of a significant number of our adult (and child) clients at the Oxford Development Centre. It results from trauma experienced in a child's early development. Such trauma can arise from maltreatment, family violence, or a disruption in attachment to their [...]

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‘Understanding Your Reactions To Trauma’, helps Ukrainians After Conflict

'Understanding Your Reactions To Trauma', by Dr Claudia Herbert from The Oxford Development Centre, was recently published in Ukrainian, and is available to the Ukrainian public, and is also being distributed by the Ukrainian authorities to help soldiers and their families who have been affected by trauma. This new translation of the book was presented [...]

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Interview With Adrian Roberts

In the second installment of our interview series with members of The Oxford Development Centre team, Adrian Roberts talks to us about his motivation for working in the field of psychology, and reveals plans for his Circles of Compassion group therapy programme. What Initially attracted you to the field of psychology? In a nutshell, I [...]

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Social Media Profiles To Follow For Latest Psychology News

Following our recent new website launch, The Oxford Development Centre has been keeping busy across our social media profiles to bring together interesting stories and articles related to psychology and well-being. Today we want to highlight the various options for following us across these channels, so that you can connect with us on whichever social [...]

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New Mindfulness Study On 7000 Students

Mindfulness has recently been receiving a lot of attention in the media, and now there are new investigations underway to explore further the benefits which it might be able to bring within our society. The latest is a seven year study into whether mindfulness could be used by adolescents to increase their mental resilience. The [...]

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Interview with Dr Charles Hallings-Pott

In the first installment of our new feature to introduce The Oxford Development Centre's team members, we talk to Dr. Charles Hallings-Pott about what inspired him to work in the field of psychology, and some of the rewards which he takes from his work. What Initially attracted you to the field of psychology? My family [...]

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