A collection of articles highlighting psychology news stories, innovations and latest thinking. This is a diverse section of our knowledge base. There’s an article featuring the research mental health charity MIND carried out into the prevalence of mental health issues withing the emergency services. There are articles on the role that technology has to play in psychology and the place that helpful mindfulness apps might have in our lives. We investigate Yoga’s enormous potential to complement talking therapies in trauma recovery models. Milestones and significant events for The Oxford Development Centre are also featured. For example we marked the translation of, ‘Understanding Your Reactions To Trauma’ into Ukrainian to provided support to those people there who have been reflected by conflict. We also celebrated our 20th anniversary with an interview with founder Dr Claudia Herbert which talks about the growth of the psychology service and the plans which we have for the future.

Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe explains Mindfulness to Radio 2’s Steve Wright

Mindfulness was the topic for discussion earlier this week on BBC Radio 2's programme Steve Wright in the Afternoon.  Presenter Steve Wright interviewed mindfulness and meditation expert Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace, a digital site offering guided meditation training. Andy explained how taking just 10 minutes a day away from texting, phone calls, conversation and work to [...]

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Nail Biting in Children

Nail biting in childhood is very common - it's estimated that a third of children aged 7-10 years bite their nails and around 45% of teenagers.  The Boots Web MD website today published a useful article on "How to Stop Your Child Biting their Nails" by Siobhan Harris.  The feature discusses the triggers and effects [...]

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Mental Health Crisis Care “Inadequate”

BBC reports today say The Care Quality Commission (CQC)'s recent review of care provision found that 42% of mental health patients did not get the help they needed in times of crisis.  Patients suffering from panic attacks, psychotic episodes or feeling suicidal said they were kept waiting and did not feel they were treated with [...]

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The Oxford Development Centre Celebrates its 18th Anniversary

Oxfordshire’s longest established psychology consultancy, The Oxford Development Centre, is celebrating its 18th anniversary this month. Clinical Psychologist Dr Claudia Herbert founded the original centre in Witney in 1998 to provide high quality, research-based psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and other health professionals in a comfortable and welcoming, non-clinical, non-judgmental setting.  The practice offers comfy [...]

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How body-focused psychotherapies can help patients with PTSD

Many leading psychologists now believe that the roots of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) lie in our bodies and that it is important to treat the physical as well as the psychological manifestations of trauma to provide integrated, effective therapy for PTSD sufferers. Dutch psychologist Dr Bessel van der Kolk, a leading authority on post-traumatic stress [...]

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