Wellbeing deals with the broad spectrum of how we can improve the way we feel and function in our lives. There are multiple factors which go into setting our state of wellbeing and so it encompasses a varied range of topics. Our state of mind is a vital part of defining our happiness and, as such, articles which offer advice and knowledge on how to calm and train our thinking fall into the wellbeing category. You will find articles on breathing techniques and mindfulness practice here. The way we treat our bodies and look after our physical health also has a large bearing on our contentment and happiness levels. We include any articles on yoga and other body oriented practices in this section to reflect the importance of looking after our bodies. Nutrition is another critical factor to our state of being which belongs in this category. Any articles on recipe ideas and other food related topics are included here. The final topic which you’ll find in the wellbeing category is spirituality as this can also have a positive impact on the way we are able to interact with life.

How Craniosacral Therapy Helps Healing – ‘Addiction: A Compassionate Approach’

We're featuring Christina Sage's article from Fulcrum magazine, The Craniosacral Therapy Association's professional journal. 'Addiction: A Compassionate Approach', provides insight into how craniosacral therapy can be used to help heal trauma and related problems such as addiction and anxiety. To move through the pages of the article use the forward and back buttons at the [...]

Yoga For Stress And Trauma Recovery

The Health Benefits Of Yoga Regular yoga practice can be a powerful and transformative tool, both emotionally and physically. Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens our muscular systems, it boosts our immune systems and regulates our breathing, enhances our self esteem and focuses our minds. In fact there are so many positive benefits to yoga that it's [...]

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The Power of Breathing with Awareness

In our post on stabilisation and resource building at the start of therapy we touched on the empowering potential of tuning into our breathing, and the positive physiological implications which this can have to help calm the body and mind. We referred specifically to a technique which we teach our clients called Coherent breathing. By [...]

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy As Effective As Antidepressants

A study run by the University of Exeter shows that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can be as effective as maintenance antidepressant medication in reducing the rate of relapse in depression. This corroborates other studies' findings, and helps to provide a new choice for the millions of people with recurrent depression, who currently rely on medication. The [...]

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New Mindfulness Study On 7000 Students

Mindfulness has recently been receiving a lot of attention in the media, and now there are new investigations underway to explore further the benefits which it might be able to bring within our society. The latest is a seven year study into whether mindfulness could be used by adolescents to increase their mental resilience. The [...]

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