Christina Sage BSc
Craniosacral Therapist, CSTA, CNHC
Mindfulness practitioner, MBSR, MBRP
Structural Yoga Instructor and Therapist

I am a craniosacral therapist, a mindfulness practitioner and yoga instructor and therapist with over 25 years’ experience. I have been specialising in the fields of mental health rehabilitation, trauma and substance misuse. I have worked within mental health, homelessness, national drug and alcohol recovery services, and an outreach project helping street-based sex workers.

Over time in these services, it became evident that massage often felt overwhelming for my clients. I started to use craniosacral therapy as it is a more gentle and supportive method to encourage stabilisation and grounding for clients. I have seen over 2,000 clients and I have witnessed the enormous potential of craniosacral therapy.

Craniosacral therapy helps build awareness of the interrelationship between body sensations, thoughts and emotions, enabling a more holistic process of trauma healing. It enables people to gain a deeper insight and understanding into how their emotions and often very traumatic life events link to their physical sensations and can be eased or overcome. My work integrates compassion, the strengthening of inner resources and helping the body restore into its natural balance and health. Working from the basis that physical and emotional tensions are directly related, the emphasis of my treatments is on the interface between the physical and emotional elements of the stress response cycle. The techniques I use help to reduce the feedback loop that physical symptoms can create in this cycle. I have found that craniosacral treatment has been an important way of reintroducing touch for clients who have experienced physical or sexual abuse. You can learn more about Craniosacral  therapy and the wide range of problems it can help with on our craniosacral therapy page.

Parallel to my work as a craniosacral therapist I have a growing interest in how yoga and mindfulness can help with mental health rehabilitation, trauma and addiction. I am currently writing a yoga manual for trauma.

Craniosacral therapy, mindfulness training and yoga teaching are powerful in their combination and I believe offer invaluable tools to clients; creating awareness, nourishing their resources, building resilience and thus empowering them towards recovery. The craniosacral work creates a safe space for people to explore the link between physical sensations, past events and emotions. Mindfulness and yoga highlight this awareness further. This combined approach offers safety and holding to explore issues, often traumatic, that lie at the root of people’s mental health problems, including various forms of addiction. The sessions support and encourage clients in each step towards their recovery, safety and ease.

At the Oxford Development Centre in Witney, I use craniosacral therapy to support the psychological recovery process of our clients and my work is aligned and coordinated with our team of specialist trauma psychotherapists. Each of my sessions is designed around my client’s specific requirements and often combines elements of craniosacral therapy, mindfulness and yoga. In addition to this I teach my clients techniques to increase self-awareness, to enable stress management and to help them develop alternative coping strategies.

I have also created and led mindfulness based courses focusing on the importance of kindness and compassion. At the Oxford Development Centre I offer specialist mindfulness-based, structural yoga courses for companies and professional work settings and I co-lead the Compassionate Mindfulness Group at our service in Witney.

Training and Qualifications

In the 90’s I undertook a massage and therapeutic Bodywork training, based around Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics. I went on to study Structural Yoga Therapy at The Yoga Therapy Centre, London.  I trained in Craniosacral Therapy at The College of Craniosacral Therapy, London. I have also studied Mindfulness for Stress Reduction at Bangor University and Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention at The Centre for Addiction Studies at Bath University. I continue with Continuing Professional Development in all these areas.

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