For over 20 years, The Oxford Development Centre has been helping people successfully overcome trauma and many other life and wellbeing challenges. Along the way, some of our clients have taken a moment to reflect on our role in their journey and have been happy for us to share this so that others can draw inspiration from their experiences.

“I approached Claudia when I was going through a family crisis expecting a short period of therapy through the stress. Instead my experience turned into a deeper, far more enriching time than I ever expected.

Claudia provides a very warm and safe environment through which to explore what are at times, very difficult and painful trauma and past experiences which ultimately lead to negativity, stasis and illness. She does so in a highly skilful way and at a pace which seems gentle yet dynamic, a result of her very very deep professional experience of these matters. Having experienced traditional analysis therapy before Claudia’s approach feels kinder, rounder and yet very powerful. You are left feeling that you have a greater repertoire of tools to approach the difficult times that life throws you.

It is always somewhat daunting to walk through a metaphorical and actual therapist doorway. Please do so with Claudia, she will bring you untold insight, growth and expansion, Thank you Claudia.”

– Business Owner

“I take every day as it comes. One at a time. I’ve become used to the good days being the norm, but I’m always aware not to become too complacent.

I know I’ve come such a long way from where I was. I’m happy. ‘Happy’ has become a base line that I try not to drop below if possible and now really expect to stay above it.

People, places or things that have the potential to spoil my happiness aren’t allowed in!!! I’m stronger emotionally than I was before.

I’m able to let things just wash over me now, more than I ever have before. It’s not that I don’t care about things, I’m just more able to keep it all in perspective now and not let it get too much. I remember the dark thoughts and how it felt to be depressed, but the thoughts are not able to take over in the way they once did.

The things that I know are triggers I keep away from. The places, people, sights, sounds and smells. I recognise them and know them all. The intensity of all of them is less but I know to treat them with respect and not allow them to take over.

I use the things you taught me. It’s amazing how breathing helps!!

I’m physically fit again. I eat healthily and rarely drink at all. I allow ‘nice people’ into my life and try to accept any invitation or opportunity to do something interesting or different.

Thank you so much for all your help in giving me my life back. I am forever grateful. ”

– Senior Officer in the Emergency Services

“I want to thank you so much for helping me to recover and heal from my traumas over the last two years. For helping me to uncover and make sense of the feelings and emotions that have troubled and been a mystery to me for so many years. For teaching me how to tune into my body and to hear what it is saying to me, and how to give the parts of myself that are hurting attention, understanding, love and compassion.

I want to thank you for teaching me that my feelings and my emotions are valid – this has changed my life. All of these gifts you have given to me will continue to influence my life in positive ways, and I know they will give me strength during the future struggles I will inevitably face.

Thank you for your compassion, your kindness. and your warmth that you have shown me. I have always looked forward to our sessions and I will very much miss spending time with you every month.”

– Health Professional

I suspect most of us would benefit from paying more attention to our own personal development. Certainly I have benefitted far more than I expected from being able to talk about personal issues in a safe and caring environment with someone I trust and respect. I now take time to appreciate myself and to explore issues that are worrying me rather than ignoring them. I will return to see Charlie at any time when I feel I need to: it is very tempting to do so even when I don’t need to!

– JC

“Life changing. 2 words that are often both over used and incorrectly used.

Through the unassuming front door, up the stairs to be welcomed by Clare, then on up to Claudia’s now familiar room.

Sink in to the big leather sofa again……. safe.

In July 2014 I was diagnosed with chronic and severe post traumatic stress and clinical depression. I had been in the emergency services for 25 years and exposed to many very serious incidents during that time, but of those incidents, a handful were so horrific that I was unable to forget, process or come to terms with them.

I had reached rock bottom. I was unable to continue. The future looked uncertain.

I had tried to continue to work whilst seeing therapists supplied by my employer, however, the therapists themselves admitted that my condition was beyond their level of experience. Through a fortunate set of circumstances I was eventually seen by a psychiatrist, not something you ever think you’ll need!!!, but a turning point for me.

When I arrived at Claudia’s door I was sceptical. Weird is a word I used many times during my sessions with her, but sink in to the sofa, listen to every single word that she says, put your total trust in her and begin to rebuild your life.

My treatment has included, amongst other things, EMDR, I have learned techniques that I can use, as and when I need, to help me through my day to day life and on in to the future.

There was a stage when people asked me “can you see the light at the end of the tunnel”, I would always answer, “I’m not even at the tunnel yet’. It does feel like that when you don’t know where to turn, who to ask or when you don’t even recognise what you’re actually suffering from.

I’ve now been through the tunnel. There is light at the end of it.

Thank you Claudia.

Life changing.”

– Emergency Service Professional

“I was advised to go to The Oxford Development Centre, in a time where I was going through a very tough period of my life. I did go to see it and eventually started my sessions. I remember feeling so lost and confused, and was so sceptical about therapy and about a therapist actually helping me. I had no hope whatsoever in finding a light at the end of my very dark tunnel (back at the time).That’s when I met Adrian Roberts, and realised I could have not been more wrong. He was so very kind to me and professional, he helped me feel at ease right away, and I knew that I could trust him, and that together with his help and my hard work we could actually get good results. And so it was.

Adrian helped me a lot through therapy, to better get in touch with myself, to love and accept the person I am. He helped me take control over my life, gave me the tools to live a more peaceful and happy life. And most importantly, he helped me find what I have been for so long looking for, the light at the end of the tunnel. Something for which I can never thank him enough.

He really changed my life, and if it weren’t for his great help, I probably wouldn’t have been the person I am now.”

– Recommended to visit The Oxford Development Centre

“The loss of my mum was one of the main factors of me coming to you. That and the pending divorce! Mum’s death was like a time bomb going off and in the subsequent two years me (and my dad) just sort of managed to get our legs and arms back onto our bodies. And in the process do a lot of thinking – as much as you can through the foggy brain you get when one is shocked and traumatised.

But with huge gratitude to you I have managed to get an understanding of the complicated relationships and feelings that went with “being in my mad family”.

We figured it out together and I put the floating jigsaw pieces of experience,emotion and feeling together to create a clear picture. It made sense to me. And that was key.

I have become calmer, clearer and ….perspective has re-entered my life which has helped with balance.

Thank you Charlie”

– Recent client seeking help overcoming bereavement

“‘You have changed my life’….you probably hear this phrase all the time with the great work that you do but in my case too, you really have. You have helped me find me. I am in love Claudia….in love with myself and I have never been happier or more true to myself. I look out for me and do what I feel like doing and this is so empowering, it feels amazing.

I recognise people and relationships in my life in a different way now and can see how their positive or negative energies affect me and my precious energy. Of course, narcissists I now recognise very quickly but amazingly I have found them not only amongst potential partners but friends too.

I have learnt to be alone and very happy in my own company and often find myself craving for a some alone time when I have had a busy social week. This time last year, when I first came to you, this exact fear of loneliness was the cause of my panic attacks. I am so proud of how far I have come. I know I still have some way to go and of course I still have my bad days, like anyone else but instead of the panic and fear that was instilled in me, I now am starting to truly accept that these are emotions too and they will pass.

I just wanted to share with you what an important part of my life you have been. I think of you often, what you said, your guidance, your teaching and although I continue to work on some aspects, I cannot thank you enough for the foundation you have helped me create.”

– Senior Manager, Global Corporation

“Charlie and the ODC allowed me to explore some awkward and difficult issues in a very constructive, discreet and comfortable environment. The approach was always one that made me think deeper and reflect more after each session. The focus is on allowing you to pick up methodologies and tools that help resolve historical issues, current blindspots and future challenges, never feeling rushed or pressured to reach milestones you haven’t set for yourself. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the journey over several months, I looked forward to sitting down every fortnight to understand more about myself and ameliorate whatever challenge needed working through.”

“Claudia has mindfully led me in rediscovering precious parts of myself, I had forgotten about. Expanding my consciousness with her guidance has been a cathartic experience on my life journey. Thank you, Claudia.”

– Research Project leader and Senior Academic

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