A Holistic Therapeutic Approach To Help Re-Process And Release Trauma

The Comprehensive Resource Model or CRM for short is an innovative and holistic therapeutic approach to help clients re-process and release the effects of traumatic events which they have experienced. Developed by Lisa Schwarz, an American psychologist who has for over 30 years specialised in the field of severe dissociative disorders, the Comprehensive Resource Model is finding widespread approval from many respected psychologists and psychiatrists as it becomes increasingly well known.

CRM Helps To Build A Neurological Scaffolding Of Resources In The Mid-Brain, Limbic System and Neocortex

While using CRM techniques a therapist helps their client learn a variety of empowering internal resources, used in a concentric sequence or as part of the processing itself. These help to, ‘build a neurological scaffolding of resources in the mid-brain, limbic system, and neocortex’ (CRM website). Issues or events (or the ‘parts’ inside us which hold the trauma) are invited into the Grid which incorporates a wide range of tailored breathing skills, somatic embodiment skills, attachment neurobiology and spiritual resourcing to achieve its aims. This containment framework allows the client to feel sufficiently safe to remain in a high level of consciousness during the re-processing of their trauma and so avoid re-traumatisation or the need to dissociate, as can happen without a safety system such as this in place.

CRM also includes techniques based on other well-established therapeutic approaches, such as eye position anchoring and ego state therapy. To learn more about the Comprehensive Resource Model you can visit the CRM website which has further, in depth, information to explore. An article written by Matthew Green (author of: Aftershock – The Untold Story of Surviving Peace) for newsweek describes CRM from a client perspective. This useful, in-depth, Amazon book review also helps to give good context on how impactful CRM has the potential to be.

The Comprehensive Resource Model At The Oxford Development Centre

The Comprehensive Resource Model is a methodology which we currently incorporate into much of our therapeutic approach at the Oxford Development Centre. Our therapists have been training with Lisa Schwarz to learn the best ways to apply her techniques. One of the strengths of CRM is that it integrates seamlessly with many of the other psychotherapeutic models which we use as part of our treatment processes such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, Ego-state therapy, transpersonal psychotherapy and CBT.

Another key factor of Lisa’s approach is the emphasis which she places on therapists needing to accommodate their own personal growth. This is a sentiment we also hold as incredibly important at the Oxford Development Centre, and we are committed to personal therapy practice as a means of becoming more effective therapists ourselves.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the model resonates with us because of it’s heart-centred, non-prescriptive, approach which treats every client’s needs as unique to their own particular situation and experiences. This is another core value which we hold in the way we approach all therapeutic work with our clients.