Executive coaching is designed to help you address specific issues or challenges that you are facing as part of your leadership role or particular management responsibilities.  We help you examine and make sense of the underlying psychological dynamics of a particular situation, setting or problem and enable you to find a more informed solution and constructive way forward.

Cape of Good Hope, South AfricaIt can be very helpful to take time out and reflect on particular challenges away from the location and people involved. This allows us to examine the issues in a more objective way and our highly attuned approach is designed to help you consider aspects from a different perspective to the one you may be used to taking. We achieve this by first taking you through a very comprehensive, systemic assessment process, examining in detail those factors that are important to understand, and consider the specifics of your particular issue or situation. This will be individually tailored to your unique circumstances and the issue to be examined. Following this we would then design a facilitation process drawing on our deep and profound knowledge of psychology that is unique to your situation.

Frequently, issues that business leaders grapple with relate to five key areas (but are not exclusive to these):

  • Leadership style and skills
  • Managing stress, uncertainty and change
  • Effective team building, improved communication and performance
  • Conflict resolution and relationship building
  • Personal confidence, career development and life fulfillment

The benefit of approaching business from a psychological perspective is that it can provide you with a totally new evaluation and approach to whatever issue is concerning you and enable you to come up with different solutions and ways forward, derived from a totally objective and deeply-attuned facilitation process.

Executive Coaching sessions are usually one-to-one but can be convened for small groups of key people if the issue to be explored requires this. One-to-one sessions usually take half a day (up to 4 hours) and group sessions may take a whole day. Several sessions may be required depending on the complexity of an issue or to monitor and assess the progress regarding a particular situation over a longer period of time.

Sessions can take place either at our premises in Witney, Oxfordshire, or we can hire a comfortable room in a relaxed setting nearer to you. We can travel abroad, but security checks may be carried out before we can agree to take on a particular piece of work. We ask high profile VIPs who want to engage in this work to take responsibility for making their own security arrangements if necessary. All our work is confidential and will be conducted by Dr Herbert or one of our highly skilled Consultants.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service and we will be happy to explore how we can help.  

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing that solutions don’t come from individuals, but rather experiences.”

– Shannon I Alder