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Everyone at The Oxford Development Centre cares deeply about providing a welcoming, friendly environment where clients can feel comfortable and secure.  Clinical Director and founder Dr Claudia Herbert heads a closely-knit, collaborative and very experienced team of people who believe in treating each client as a valued individual.  With their long-standing and wide-ranging clinical experience and expertise, our consultants do not rely on standard treatment formulae.  They draw on a wide range of knowledge including the latest, research-based developments in psychotherapy such as body-focused therapies to tailor an individual package of care – often combining elements of several different therapeutic approaches – to suit the specific needs of each client.


Dr Claudia Herbert

BSc (First Class Hons), MSc, DClin Psy, AFBPsS

Claudia is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, an HCPC Registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist, a UKCP and BABCP Registered Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, an EMDR Europe accredited EMDR Consultant and a Schema Therapist. She is also an Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor (RAPPS). She works within a holistic framework and, where appropriate, embeds in her work approaches from various healing and spiritual traditions around the world.

Dr charlie-Hallings-Pott, Therapist at The Oxford Development Centre

Dr Charles Hallings-Pott

BA (Hons) Oxon, BA, DClin Psy, CPsychol
Chartered Clinical Psychologist EMDR Practitioner, CBT Psychotherapist Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, Senior Consultant Trauma Specialist, University Lecturer and Trainer

“I have a passion for integrating mind, body and spirit into the work we do and applying current, up-to-date advances in the treatment of trauma in a creative and formulation-based way.  I have a broad and varied experience having worked in different settings in both private organisations – I was clinical director of a residential trauma unit and ran an out-patient clinic in Harley Street – and as clinical psychologist and lecturer in the National Health Service.  I have specialised primarily in trauma, abuse and their many manifestations.  My main aim is to help clients to observe, understand and change patterns laid down in childhood and through acute stress.  Attunement is key and accompanying clients on such a journey and seeing them transform and accept is a huge privilege.”

Eve Scott, Therapist at The Oxford Development Centre

Eve Scott

Specialist Trauma Consultant, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, CBT Therapist, EMDR Therapist, CRM Practitioner

“My work as a psychotherapist is very important to me and I am deeply committed and devoted to it. I believe it is an honour to connect with my clients, to be present with them, help educate, guide, process and empower them to live the healthiest lives possible.
My work as a psychotherapist is based in honouring and deeply respecting each individual and where they are in their lives.”

Dr. rer. nat Silke Kuball of The Oxford Development Centre

Dr Silke Kuball

Dr. rer. nat Silke Kuball
M.A. Dip HIP.
Member of Bcpc,
UKCP registered.

“I work from within a relational approach, which places a relationship of trust, presence, non-judgmental and open dialogue and confidentiality at the basis of the work between client and therapist. My work places the client and their experience at the centre of the work. I base my work on deep empathy for others and on conscious attunement with my client.

It is my experience that within a trusted and holding therapeutic relationship previous attachment-based trauma can be re-patterned, survival-based fear structures can be transformed and new healthier ways of being can be experienced and embedded in life. This leads to a reduction in distressing symptoms, an increase in self-regulation and overall improvement in health, functioning and well-being.”


Clare Hadland

Practice Manager

Clare Hadland is Practice Manager of The Oxford Development Centre and is usually the first person clients meet or speak to when visiting the centre. Clare is always happy to provide information about the centre and our services besides making appointments, keeping client records and dealing with the day-to-day running of the practice. She also ensures visitors receive a warm welcome to the Witney centre and guides them through contracts and any other paperwork.

We’re Growing Our Team

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We’re looking for an experienced Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist with an interest in working in a holistic, mindful and client-centered way and with a knowledge of trauma work.