Are you ready and eager to get to know yourself better? Would you like to explore what is blocking your performance and functioning, creating false ceilings or barriers in your professional and personal life? Are you open to delving a bit deeper into your inner world and taking a closer look at those underlying deep-seated patterns that may repeatedly draw similar circumstances or dynamics into your life?

Executive Development may then be just right for you. It helps you to explore and understand the way in which you operate from a psychological perspective. It helps you evaluate where you are in your professional and personal life and enables you to remove personal blockages that may be affecting your performance, functioning or well-being.

Initially, you will be taken through a comprehensive, in-depth assessment process usually taking several hours and Waterlilly floating on pondsometimes spanning more than one meeting. This takes stock of where you are in your professional and personal life, the experiences and key people that have shaped you, the coping strategies you have acquired, your personality preferences, the resources that support you and the journey you have created for yourself so far in life. This assessment may also include the use of specific testing material, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or others to maximise understanding of who you are and how you function. The results will be shared with you and a bespoke development programme will then be designed for you. This helps you address and modify unhelpful underlying patterns or blockages or focus on resolving other issues that may have been highlighted by the assessment process.

We draw on many years of professional experience, a wide range of psychological and therapeutic modalities and deeply attuned insight aimed at unlocking your hidden potential to help you attain greater fulfillment and enhanced functioning in your personal and professional life.  Those who have engaged in Executive Development have frequently experienced this as hugely rewarding as it has not only enabled them to enhance their professional performance but has also had a considerable positive effect on their personal well-being.

Executive development meetings are one-to-one and take place in a comfortable, setting at our premises in Witney, Oxfordshire or we can hire  suitable accommodation near you (especially if you are requiring for this work to take place abroad) and meet you there. All our work is confidential and will be conducted by Dr Herbert or one of our highly skilled Consultants.

Executive Development work usually takes place over several sessions at regular, mutually agreeable intervals.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service and we will be happy to explore how we can help.

Your inner strength is your outer foundation

Allan Rufus