Facilitating people’s healing and personal development processes to help them achieve their full potential must be one of the finest jobs to be had in this world.


Most psychologists, psychotherapists, health professionals and life coaches start off their career with the intention of wanting to help improve life for others. While it is a great privilege to be of service to others, this work brings with it enormous demands on many levels. In order to meet these demands, it is essential for the professional helpers to embark on their own inner journey of personal development and healing.

We can only ever support our clients to the level of our own inner growth and development as this forms the ceiling that determines to what extent we can be helpful.  Our life experiences, just as for our clients, have also shaped the extent to which we operate out of previously acquired survival-based coping strategies or integrated and life-affirming choices. In order to be able to stay present and regulated in the face of our clients’ painful sensations and life experiences, we need to be able to self-regulate, soothe and look after ourselves.

Our ability to care for our clients needs to flow from an inner place of well-nourished resources rather than scarcity. This will enable us to sustain and maintain our well-being, compassionate mind and inner strength while undertaking the valuable work with our clients.

Professional training courses often encourage self-reflection and possibly the use of more traditional talking therapies for specific problems. They rarely encourage professional helpers to commit to their own path of on-going personal development, healing and consciousness expansion. We are a service in which our consultants have made a commitment to their own personal development processes and we all understand what it feels like to engage in this work from the perspective of a professional helper.

We are also very experienced, highly skilled psychotherapists and psychologists and can draw on a wide range and breadth of clinical experience. We love to bring all this to you to help facilitate your own personal development process. Our work is confidential, in-depth, integrative, tailored to your unique needs and level of development. It involves enabling you to establish a stronger inner connection to yourself to help facilitate growth on physical, mental and spiritual levels.