“Coming home to yourself is the deepest and richest journey you will ever make in your life – indeed this is the only journey truly worth making!”

Helping You, The Oxford Development CentrePsychological problems arise because somewhere along the path through our lives we did leave ourselves. From that moment onwards, we started to listen increasingly to the voices and expectations of others and grew more and more estranged from our own inner voice, wisdom and truth. This is usually not a conscious or deliberate choice but mostly happens in order to survive and adapt to the circumstances facing us at the time.

For some people this may have happened very early in their lives, so they can’t even remember ever having felt any different.  For others it was later and some people may have some conscious knowledge of when this came about, such as a result of one or several traumatic event/s that overwhelmed them. Regardless of the timing, the more we have left ourselves and the more we operate out of early survival-based coping strategies and unhelpful deep-rooted beliefs and assumptions (schemas), the less of our own life energy, happiness and peace do we feel.

Over time this can lead to psychological dis-(ease) and affect our ability to function healthily in our daily life. Examples are feelings of a false sense of Self; inner emptiness, disconnection or loneliness; unhappiness or depression; low self-esteem or insecurity; low frustration tolerance; anger or aggression; anxiety or fear; poor concentration; a sense of drifting through life without aims; addictions and cravings; eating problems; self-destructive behaviours; a sense of loss of trust in oneself or the world, relationship problems and others.

Whatever your particular psychological problems or dis-(ease), at The Oxford Development Centre we can help you build a joint understanding of your problems so that, in collaboration with your consultant, you can work toward finding your path back to yourself and along this journey, build up new, healthy coping strategies, feel increased inner strength, wellbeing and control over your life.

Our approach is empowering, educative, empathic and totally non-judgmental. We focus on helping you regain your authentic power and inner freedom and release the unhealthy patterns that brought you into dis-(ease).