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How Craniosacral Therapy Helps Healing – ‘Addiction: A Compassionate Approach’

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We're featuring Christina Sage's article from Fulcrum magazine, The Craniosacral Therapy Association's professional journal. 'Addiction: A Compassionate Approach', provides insight into how craniosacral therapy can be used to help heal trauma and related problems such as addiction and anxiety. To move through the pages of the article use the forward and back buttons at the [...]

Healing The Complex Trauma Of Holocaust And Genocide

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A Talk On How Acts Of Human Atrocity Manifest As Complex Trauma Dr Claudia Herbert recently spoke about complex trauma at the Holocaust Memorial Day at Kingston University. The talk highlighted the deep rooted trauma which such acts of mass genocide leave behind for the survivors. The effects can span many generations and are felt across [...]

Kingston Remembers The Holocaust

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Kingston University Honours the Victims & Survivors of the Holocaust On Sunday the 29th Kingston University will be honouring the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. Dr Claudia Herbert will be speaking at the event with this year's theme reflecting on how it is even possible to move forward from such traumatic events. [...]

‘HIV Nursing’ Review of ‘Living Confidently With HIV’ Book

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A 2016 edition of 'Living Confidently With HIV' Last year marked the release of the newest version of ‘Living Confidently With HIV - A Self-Help Book For People Living With HIV’. This is a book which Dr Claudia Herbert co-authored and we have been pleased with its positive reception by those dealing with HIV and [...]

Calatonia And Subtle Touch Workshop

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We were recently lucky enough to have an in depth Calatonia and Subtle Touch training workshop with Anita Ribeiro-Blanchard here at The Oxford Development Centre. Anita is a skilled psychotherapist with a specialty in Calatonia and Subtle Touch which she learned under Dr Petho Sándor, the pioneering founder of the practice. The weekend long event gave all [...]

Yoga For Stress And Trauma Recovery

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The Health Benefits Of Yoga Regular yoga practice can be a powerful and transformative tool, both emotionally and physically. Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens our muscular systems, it boosts our immune systems and regulates our breathing, enhances our self esteem and focuses our minds. In fact there are so many positive benefits to yoga that it's [...]

Comprehensive Resource Model For Trauma Recovery

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What Is The Comprehensive Resource Model? The Comprehensive Resource Model is an innovative and holistic therapeutic approach to help clients re-process and release the effects of traumatic events which they have experienced. Developed by Lisa Schwarz, an American psychologist who has for 28 years specialised in the field of severe dissociative disorders, the Comprehensive Resource Model [...]