A Treatment Room at The Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing in Stroud

Our Stroud Psychology Service, The Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing Gets A New look

The Cotswold Centre for Trauma Healing, our Stroud Psychology Service, recently received a substantial makeover and we’re really pleased with the results! We spent many weeks putting some much needed love into the new premises we acquired for the business. Based in Nelson Street, close to Stroud’s town centre, the building was the old headquarters for the Co-Operative and has some lovely original features which we’ve been able to celebrate and pick out in the renovation. The result of our efforts is a warm, inviting space where clients can feel safe and confident to engage in positive growth and change.

Dr Claudia Herbert at The Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing in Stroud

Dr Claudia Herbert

20 Years Of Psychology Experience Come To Stroud

As an extension of our 20 year old Witney based service, The Oxford Development Centre, we’ve had a small psychology service in Stroud for several years. Founded By Dr Claudia Herbert in 1997, The Oxford Development Centre has helped hundreds  of clients to heal from emotional injury and trauma and continues with this goal today. Here in Stroud, the recent move to our new premises means that we have been able to grow our Cotswold Trauma service. We now have more therapists and a new practice manager, enabling us to help more clients overcome the problems they are encountering in their lives.

Our Approach To Therapy At Stroud’s Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing

At The Cotswold Centre for Trauma Healing we take a holistic approach to psychology. Our extensive training and experience enable us to draw from a wide range of psychotherapeutic treatments to create bespoke solutions for each client. We work in an integrative way, using therapeutic approaches to best meet each one of our clients’ needs which is one of the distinguishing features setting us apart from many other psychology consultancies. By working in such a be-spoke manner and integrating body-focused therapies into our methodology, we enable clients to experience the most effective way to overcome their challenges. Some of the techniques we work with include, The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), EMDR, CBT, Schema TherapySensorimotor Psychotherapy, Havening Techniques, Transpersonal and Depth Psychology, Methods from Energy Psychology, Calatonia, Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. An integral part of our ethos is a commitment to treating all our clients with respect and dignity, taking time to get to know each client, to explore their individual circumstances and the difficulties they may be experiencing. We take into account a client’s personal background, circumstances, experiences, skills and resources, and we develop a therapy programme to compliment all these factors.

Stroud Makes A Perfect Backdrop For Positive Change

Stroud, Gloucestershire

Stroud. A free-thinking, progressive, market town

Stroud is a perfect base for a Trauma Healing and Psychology Service for the Cotswold region. The meeting point of The Five Valleys, Stroud has a lovely atmosphere, full of fantastic independent shops and wonderful cafes and eateries, serving wholesome nourishing food. Emphasis on thinking about lifestyle and diet has a rich tradition here, Stroud is one of the birthplaces of the Organic food movement and home to Britain’s first fully organic café, Woodruffs. The town has the largest and most diverse number of creative artists, musicians and authors outside London. The energy and freedom of thought this brings to the town makes it an ideal place for a psychology service such as ours, dedicated to facilitating positive change from within our clients.

The Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing in Stroud

The Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing in Stroud

Accessing the Stroud Psychology Centre

Being based in Stroud, The Cotswold Centre for Trauma Healing is easily accessed by car from the nearby cities of Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol and Swindon. Excellent rail connections make visiting the Psychology Centre a viable option for clients from London and Birmingham too.

We Look Forward To Welcoming New Clients

For more information on our Stroud Psychology Service you can get in touch with us via our contact form. You can also visit our dedicated Cotswold Centre For Trauma Healing website to learn more. We’re looking forward to putting our newly renovated building to good use, helping many new clients to grow and overcome the challenges which they are facing in their lives.