“I’ve worked with Charlie for about 14 months to adress trauma I’ve experienced during my childhood. Initially, I felt skeptical about therapy, whether it could actually help me but wanted to give it a go as I was at the end of my strength.
Therapy has changed my life. I never thought I could feel this good about life. I feel calm and joyful, instead of tense and afraid. I have the courage to stand up for myself and to set boundaries. Things that would cause me great distress now barely bother me, which I never thought could be possible.
Charlie has helped me to work through the things that have happened to me and unlearn harmful behaviours. I’ve learned strategies that actually work and help me if I’m having a difficult time.
I would say that I’ve gained more from therapy than “undoing” the harm that has happened to me. I’m immensely grateful to have had this opportunity. “