“I approached Claudia when I was going through a family crisis expecting a short period of therapy through the stress. Instead my experience turned into a deeper, far more enriching time than I ever expected.

Claudia provides a very warm and safe environment through which to explore what are at times, very difficult and painful trauma and past experiences which ultimately lead to negativity, stasis and illness. She does so in a highly skilful way and at a pace which seems gentle yet dynamic, a result of her very very deep professional experience of these matters. Having experienced traditional analysis therapy before Claudia’s approach feels kinder, rounder and yet very powerful. You are left feeling that you have a greater repertoire of tools to approach the difficult times that life throws you.

It is always somewhat daunting to walk through a metaphorical and actual therapist doorway. Please do so with Claudia, she will bring you untold insight, growth and expansion, Thank you Claudia.”

Business Owner