“The sessions I had with Claudia were absolutely transformational. Now, after many years, I can honestly say that the positive effects I gained are undiminished and I return almost daily to moments of profound insight and clarity. The experience has certainly made me a more contented person and I am convinced that I am a better father and a better husband.

One more thing; nothing really fazes Claudia. Or at least it did not seem to. I work for an organisation that is involved in difficult and distressing, conflict-related issues that involves interaction with some deeply unpleasant people who have thrived in war-torn countries. And yet Claudia was able to get beyond that fact without being bogged down in the unusualness of it all. Her own experiences and the wide range of people she has worked with allowed me – and my wife – to tell our own stories without the context becoming the ‘thing’.

In the most positive way possible, Claudia’s approach is quite ‘surgical’ and very collaborative. She worked with me to rapidly define the real issue with which I was grappling. Inevitably, it was not the one I had fixated upon! Then, together, we approached its resolution with the firm intention of overcoming it and not merely talking about it. I left with the tools to enable further personal development and having resolved the issue that had caused me such great pain.”

Director, OBE – International Organisation (Executive Coaching)