Dr. Herbert was my personal coach for a period in excess of ten years.  Claudia helped me to develop significantly in many ways.  These include

  • Helping me to develop and enhance my skills in many areas – particularly in listening to and understanding individuals and relationships and in developing strategies to deal with both challenging situations and personal opportunities.
  • Claudia also provided me with regular thought provoking opportunities to stand back and review my effectiveness and develop future plans and actions.
  • Claudia always challenged me to recognize my skills, values and abilities and my significant contribution to the business.
  • Claudia gave me insights and coaching in dealing with senior executives including the company’s multi-billionaire owner.
  • Claudia focuses on life skills that clearly are used both in the personal and work arena.
  • Claudia provides a very secure environment where one is free to discuss confidential information in a very relaxed environment.

I have nothing but thanks and praise for the time we shared together and how her role as a coach helped me to develop significantly over ten plus years of my working life.

Operations Director, Global Organisation (Executive Coaching)