Below is what some of our senior business clients have said about our work, you can read our other client testimonials here

May 13, 2015

Dr. Herbert was my personal coach for a period in excess of ten years.  Claudia helped me to develop significantly in many ways.  These include

  • Helping me to develop and enhance my skills in many areas – particularly in listening to and understanding individuals and relationships and in developing strategies to deal with both challenging situations and personal opportunities.
  • Claudia also provided me with regular thought provoking opportunities to stand back and review my effectiveness and develop future plans and actions.
  • Claudia always challenged me to recognize my skills, values and abilities and my significant contribution to the business.
  • Claudia gave me insights and coaching in dealing with senior executives including the company’s multi-billionaire owner.
  • Claudia focuses on life skills that clearly are used both in the personal and work arena.
  • Claudia provides a very secure environment where one is free to discuss confidential information in a very relaxed environment.

I have nothing but thanks and praise for the time we shared together and how her role as a coach helped me to develop significantly over ten plus years of my working life.

Operations Director, Global Organisation (Executive Coaching)

April 28, 2015

“The sessions I had with Claudia were absolutely transformational. Now, after many years, I can honestly say that the positive effects I gained are undiminished and I return almost daily to moments of profound insight and clarity. The experience has certainly made me a more contented person and I am convinced that I am a better father and a better husband.

One more thing; nothing really fazes Claudia. Or at least it did not seem to. I work for an organisation that is involved in difficult and distressing, conflict-related issues that involves interaction with some deeply unpleasant people who have thrived in war-torn countries. And yet Claudia was able to get beyond that fact without being bogged down in the unusualness of it all. Her own experiences and the wide range of people she has worked with allowed me – and my wife – to tell our own stories without the context becoming the ‘thing’.

In the most positive way possible, Claudia’s approach is quite ‘surgical’ and very collaborative. She worked with me to rapidly define the real issue with which I was grappling. Inevitably, it was not the one I had fixated upon! Then, together, we approached its resolution with the firm intention of overcoming it and not merely talking about it. I left with the tools to enable further personal development and having resolved the issue that had caused me such great pain.”

Director, OBE – International Organisation (Executive Coaching)


April 28, 2015

‘You have changed my life’….you probably hear this phrase all the time with the great work that you do but in my case too, you really have. You have helped me find me. I am in love Claudia….in love with myself and I have never been happier or more true to myself. I look out for me and do what I feel like doing and this is so empowering, it feels amazing.

I recognise people and relationships in my life in a different way now and can see how their positive or negative energies affect me and my precious energy. Of course, narcissists I now recognise very quickly but amazingly I have found them not only amongst potential partners but friends too.

I have learnt to be alone and very happy in my own company and often find myself craving for a some alone time when I have had a busy social week. This time last year, when I first came to you, this exact fear of loneliness was the cause of my panic attacks. I am so proud of how far I have come. I know I still have some way to go and of course I still have my bad days, like anyone else but instead of the panic and fear that was instilled in me, I now am starting to truly accept that these are emotions too and they will pass.

I just wanted to share with you what an important part of my life you have been. I think of you often, what you said, your guidance, your teaching and although I continue to work on some aspects, I cannot thank you enough for the foundation you have helped me create.”

Senior Manager- Engineering Background, Global Corporation  (Executive Development)