The WellBook Guide Is Launched To Inspire Health And Wellbeing

The WellBook Guide has recently been launched by the founders of The Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival. The new e-book has been beautifully designed to celebrate the best of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire’s health and wellbeing resources and to showcase the latest trends and ideas that are emerging in the field of wellbeing.

Created by the minds behind, The Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival, the WellBook Guide brings together health and wellbeing practitioners, services, charities community groups and organisations from across Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and beyond, showcasing the latest news, trends and inspiring ideas from within the field. The guide is a not-for-profit enterprise, with the aim of helping the health and wellbeing community thrive.

​Our aim is to provide informative, inspiring and useful information about health and wellbeing – making wellbeing accesible to all in our community, by shining a light on the incredible experts, businesses and local suppliers we have around us.

We are excited to feature in the launch issue of this wonderful guide, with Dr Claudia Herbert lending her expertise alongside Dr Aaron Balick in an article exploring the deeper psychological effects which the global pandemic and associated lockdown have had on people’s wellbeing.

The WellBook Resilience Issue FEB 2019 article with Dr Claudia Herbert

The article posed some poignant questions, getting to the heart of many of the fears and worries which people are experiencing during these unprecidented times. “How can we better cope with the feeling of isolation and fear?”, and “Do you think we are in a national state of depression?” were two of the questions which Dr Herbert and Dr Balick address in the feature.

Find meaning, give your life purpose and connect to it. These may not be the happiest of times but if we do what we are good at, that has meaning and purpose. It is so important. And believing in ourselves. We will get through this and we can manage this.
– Dr Claudia Herbert

The first issue of The Wellbook Guide comprises over 90 pages, packed full of an eclectic mix of valuable advice and inspiration. A few of our favourite highlights start with the, ‘Food For Thought’, section featuring a host of tips and ideas on food choices and preparation from nutritionist experts. There is also a fabulous fitness section in the guide, with the, ‘MoveWell’, article on a holistic approach to fitness resonating with us. The, ‘Restoration Sleep’, feature was another compelling read, full of useful advice to help improve sleep health. As the article notes, 40% of people struggle with sleep issues.

The Community section of the guide is also worth highlighting as it is at the core of the e-magazine’s values. The editors have ephasised the importance of community in these challenging times and the whole guide is a celebration of this. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the guide as much as we have, you can check out the first issue here:

The WellBook Guide Is Launched To Inspire Health And Wellbeing